Welcome to Kreutzer Wedding Photography, I'm MaDonna Kreutzer.

I was introduced to photography as a senior in high school when I was hired as a portrait photographer for a local studio. I had no clue what I was doing, but little by little I honed by skill and discovered a passion I didn't know I had. It wasn't until an older couple I knew hired me as the photographer for their vow renewal that I became hooked on wedding photography. I enjoyed hearing their story and capturing the priceless moments of their wedding day. I found myself captivated by the joy, love and emotion shared between them and amongst their guests and knew this was something I wanted to pursue.

One thing I've learned, I'm not just a wedding photographer - I'm a storyteller and I want to tell your story. I'll take the time to get to know you as a couple in order to capture your unique love and the bond you share. I'll be there to document every priceless moment, and capture the fine details that went into making the day the perfect reflection of you. When you hang up your wedding gown and after the tux has been returned, you will have precious memories and a story to share for generations to come

I want to hear your love story. Contact me to schedule your free consultation.


A Little Extra About Me


I enjoy weddings. I get caught up in the moment and the emotions. There is just something about a couple declaring their love for each other that draws me in. I feel honored to be invited to document such an intimate occasion and am elated by the moments that I get to observe and capture. I get satisfaction hearing my clients oohhh and aaawww over their pictures.

Some of My Favorites

Food: I love chips and salsa, nachos, tacos and burritos

Movies: I am a sucker for romance with a little bit of comedy. I also enjoy the super hero and action packed adventure, but maybe that's because I see those with my husband.

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate chip cookie dough...when I make cookies I probably bake a dozen and eat the rest of the cookie dough. YUMMM!!!

Past-time: I enjoy going to the beach with my husband and just spending time with our dogs Milo and LeeLoo.

What people say about me: I am very positive and can find a positive outlook in every situation. Life is too short to be negative.