3 Ways to Reduce Wedding Dress Shopping Stress


It's been over two years since my wedding and looking back on it, the most fun I had was picking out my dress. Let's face it, us women want to look sexy, beautiful, and feel like a princess, or for some of you Queens, on our wedding day. In all of the joy and excitement of shopping for that perfect dress, there also comes stress. So what can you do to help reduce or eliminate some of that stress?

  1. Keep your entourage small.
    You're excited and you want all of your friends and mother and grandmother and aunts there to enjoy this moment with you, but with all these people, come their opinions. Although some of these opinions are very much welcomed, most are just going to stress you out even more. In fact some will probably keep you from purchasing the dress you fell in love with. So, keep your entourage small. Maybe invite your mom or someone who’s filled that mom role for you and just a couple friends who you know will go along for the fun of it and not stress you out with their opinions. It's even common for brides to do this adventure solo.

    I took my mom with me on my first wedding dress shopping trip. It was a nice time for mother daughter bonding. When I found “The Dress” I took another trip with really close friends, just 3 or 4, just to really get their thoughts on it. This decision, I think, really made the dress shopping stress free and a lot of fun.

  2. Do your research and know what you like and want.
    Browse magazines, Pinterest, wedding websites, etc. for dresses. Figure out the styles you like. Knowing what you like and having pictures ready going into the boutiques, will help the dress consultants determine your style and be able to identify dresses quickly for you.

    I walked into the first dress boutique with a particular dress I was interested in, only to find out that they no longer carried the dress. The consultant asked me what I was looking for in my wedding dress and I was able to show her some pictures of various dresses I liked. After looking at the pictures she told me she had the perfect dress in mind. When I got to the dressing room and saw what dress she picked out I recognized it as one that I saw on the rack, but didn't pick up because the open back. It turned out to be my favorite dress and the one I decided on. Which leads me to the third stress free dress shopping tip....

  3. Keep an open mind and be flexible. The dress does not always have the same look on you as it does on the rack.
    Be open to trying on different styles and cuts. It doesn't cost anything to try the dress on. In fact one you think may not look good on you, might be the one you fall in love with.

The dress shopping experience should be a fun time. Embrace the moment and the experience and stay true to who you are and what you envision you will look like on your wedding day. Don’t allow other opinions to keep you from selecting that perfect dress that makes you feel like the princess you are. Happy shopping.