4 Benefits of the First Look Session


One of the many decisions the two of you will face when it comes to wedding photography is whether to do a first look session or go more traditional and not see each other until she walks down the aisle. Most couples don’t realize the benefits of doing a first look session. Here are 5 benefits for you to consider.

  1. The First Look is an intimate moment for the two of you before the chaos continues.
    By doing the first look the two of you have a chance to connect and enjoy each other before the craziness of the day continues. The first look allows for a more creative and spontaneous photo opportunity that during a ceremony won’t be captured. The photographer is able to not only capture that first reaction, but has the chance to capture the intimate moment right after. For example, you, the bride, see your groom for the first time and are overcome with emotions and he is able to wrap you in his arms and comfort you. Something he probably would not be able to do during the ceremony.

  2. The First Look allows more time for pictures of the two of you.
    In addition to allowing more spontaneous moments to happen, the first look session provides more time for pictures of the two of you. Yes your first look session has some time constraints, but you’ll also have time after the ceremony and formal family shots to capture more pictures of the two of you as husband and wife. It’s an opportunity to get more pictures to choose from.

  3. It frees up more time for formal family pictures.
    By getting a majority of the couple shots out of the way before the ceremony, you have more time for those important family shots. This can be particularly helpful for larger families. By taking some of the photography time and putting it before the ceremony, you can reduce the amount of time you’re guests are waiting for the reception to start.

  4. It can reduce the amount of time you are away from your guests.
    Your guests are excited to see you and want to get some time with you and congratulate you. They will probably also be hungry and ready to party. You don’t want to lose their interest. The longer you spend on your photos after the ceremony the more disengaged they will become.

The first look session will allow you to spend some intimate moments together in the middle of the busyness and it’ll get you onto the party and to your guests quicker.