How My Wedding Planner Kept Me Sane


He proposed. I said yes. Then he said, "we're getting you a wedding planner."

My husband definitely knows me and knew he did not want to spend a year engaged to a stress ball. Let's face it; I didn't know all the ins and outs of planning a wedding especially a destination wedding, so I went in search of a wedding planner.

Our wedding planner helped recommend vendors in the area, which was extremely helpful since I knew they were coming highly recommended from her. She had seen their work, she had experience working with them, so I felt at ease that whatever vendor I chose would do a great job. I was able to be active in the planning process without having to stress over coordinating all the details.


Our planner was able to help make decisions and also had recommendations based off of her years of experience. After all she had planned and coordinated more weddings than I had.

We really saw the value of hiring her the closer it came to the wedding. She was working hard coordinating the details, communicating with the vendors and making sure everything was right on track. When the day came, we were able to see all the work she had done. Our wedding went off without a hitch...except the one between us (cheesy...I know). She was on top of the timeline, she was aware of the photographer’s time and was quick to ask if we wanted to move the events forward or pay for more photography time. She was even great coordinating cleaning up and getting items such as bouquets and toasting glasses to the appropriate people.

Our wedding was a success because of her. I believe that having a wedding planner allowed us to enjoy the process and the event to the fullest.

If you're a planner and find joy in coordinating such events and look forward to coordinating your own wedding, more power to you. I wish I were more like you, but for those of you like me that want to be part of the planning process without the stress, I would definitely encourage you, if you can, consider the option of a wedding planner. The good ones are worth the investment.