Adventures in the Kitchen: The Couple That Cooks Together Stays Together


Cooking, I like to do it, my husband loves to grill, but we usually don't do it. We are doing more of what we call meal assembly. We're baking chicken, quinoa, and nuking black beans in the microwave and creating our own chicken bowls most of the time. Cooking from a recipe though, typically doesn't happen unless I'm cooking for company. As of last week, this is changing.


We're probably like a lot of couples, we go to the grocery store having in mind what we're going to make for the week, we buy all the items we need, but by the time the week is over, the produce has gone bad and we're having to toss it. We have wasted so much money on groceries that just went bad. This is where the decision to try Blue Apron was made. We have friends and family who have been doing it for a while and they rave about how delicious the meals are, and how nothing goes bad because they receive exactly what they need for the recipes they are cooking. They have also mentioned that it's been a fun time for them as a couple to come together at the end of their day and just spend time with each other.

Last week my husband and I received our first shipment of food and recipes. We're not geniuses in the kitchen by any means, but we found the recipes to be easy to follow. We've really enjoyed the memories that we have created this past week. It's been so enjoyable. It's one of the things I now look forward to at the end of the day.

Cooking together as a couple can really do wonders for your relationship and strengthening the bond. It forces you to work together as a team and communicate with each other to get the task done. Then you get to enjoy your creation together over a glass of wine and conversation.

I would challenge every couple to take at least one night to cook a meal together. If you don't know how to cook consider starting with a service like Blue Apron. If you love to cook, but your partner is not one for cooking, try to incorporate them into your love of cooking. Just remember to be kind and encouraging to them as they try to do what you love to do. I give you all permission to go and have fun with your food.