Why You Need a Wedding Day Timeline




You have planned and hustled to make this day the perfect day for you and your groom...and we can't forget your family and friends, so you don't want to see it all go to ruins by making the mistake of not having a wedding day timeline. There are so many benefits for having a wedding day timeline, but here are just four that should motivate you to create your wedding timeline.


Plan to succeed

Ok, so your wedding wait fail if you don't have a timeline, but you could make it more successful by planning out the day. Your wedding timeline will help get all of the events and details of the day out on paper so you can visually see how everything should flow. It will also help you see some potential problems so you can proactively make decisions or changes that could prevent these problems from ruining your day.


Reduce wedding day stress

There may not be a quick solution to warding off wedding day stress, but you can at least take some steps to reduce the stress the day may bring. Just like preparing for a test in school, when you are prepared for the events of the day and know what to expect, you will be more relaxed.


Get everyone on the same page

The wedding timeline when shared with your vendors, family and friends, can get everyone on the same page and clear up any confusion about when and where they need to be or have have things delivered. Your family and bridal party will know when and where they need to be for pictures. Your hairstylist will know when to arrive in order to have you and your entourage ready for pre-ceremony pictures. Your florist will also know when and where to have the bouquet and boutonnieres delivered in time for the first look session and pre-ceremony pictures.


Keep the events moving

The timeline gives organization to the wedding day and keeps the events of the day running smoothly. Yes you will have some bumps and hurdles come up, but it's nothing that can't be solved or worked around. The timeline just helps to keep festivities moving forward.


Your timeline is not set in stone. It is a working document, and should be looked at as a guideline. There will be hiccups during the day, something may take longer than originally planned, but in the end, the timeline will help keep you, your wedding party, family, and vendors on track. 

Click here to download a free customizable wedding day timeline.