4 Benefits of Having a Wedding Day Shot List


As you plan and prep for your wedding day; coordinating with all your wedding vendors to ensure the venue is as you want it, the food is delivered on time, and the flower arrangements are delivered on time and set up according to your liking, you should be working with your wedding photographer on a wedding day shot list. Yes, your photographer should be asking you questions and working with you to develop a shot list, but you want to make sure you are advising your wedding photographer about any family dynamics that they might need to be made aware of as well as some of your must have shots that are important to you.

Planning out a shot list will provide several benefits, here are just a few.

Having a plan will reduce the amount of time spent on family photos

By talking with your photographer about what shots are important to you, you and your photographer can create a plan that will speed up the family photos after the ceremony. Your photographer will be able to create a plan that will reduce time and get you back to your guests faster. A wedding shot list has the most benefits when it comes to family photos when you have a big family.

Have a better understanding of time needed

Planning out the shot list with your wedding photographer will give both of you a better idea on the time needed for the wedding photos. This will help you when you are planning out your timeline and will give you a better idea on what time your make up artist and hair dresser should arrive. There is nothing like having your photographer ready to take the first look pictures when your makeup and hair aren't done and your bouquet hasn't arrived yet. You'll also be able to prepare your family and wedding party for the wedding photos by letting them know how much time you'll need them for. 

Reduce the risk of forgetting a shot you wanted

When you are creating your shot list ensure that you ask both sets of parents what shots are important to them. This will give you a more thorough list. Having a list on paper will ensure that all the important shots are captured. A lot is happening during the wedding day and if you don't have a plan before hand something is bound to slip through the cracks.

Reduce awkward moments - wrong parents together (divorced parents - know the dynamics

When talking with your wedding photographer about the shot list be sure to advise of any family dynamics (divorced parents, awkward family relationships). When your photographer is aware of potential relationship issues, they can arrange the family photos to ensure there are no awkward moments and problems don't escalate.

Just like any aspect of your wedding, you should have a game plan for the wedding photos. This goes for the first look, bridal party, and family photos. When you have a plan the risks of problems arising is reduced and you are bound to not forget a particular shot you wanted.

Click here for a sample shot list.