5 Summer Date Ideas


As the temperatures start heating up, heat things up with your love with a few non-traditional date ideas. Forego the dinner and a move date night and spice things up with one or all of these date ideas.

Surprise him with a picnic lunch.

Pack a picnic lunch and go to a local winery or your favorite winery if you have one. You can enjoy some wine tasting or buy a bottle of your favorite wine, snag a picnic bench or a spot on the grass and enjoy the views while soaking up each other's company. After lunch walk the vineyards hand in hand.

Go for a bike ride.

Air up the tires in the bikes and grab your helmet for an afternoon bike ride. Pack some snacks or make some sandwiches for a little picnic along the way.

Hit the hiking trails.

Lace up those shoes and take an early morning or afternoon hike. Nature has a way of bringing people together and what better way to enjoy each other's company than with a trail and beautiful scenery.

Dinner under the stars

Don't feel like heading out for the night, not a problem. Cook up his favorite meal or grab his favorite take out and enjoy dinner out on the patio under the stars. Light up the fire pit and cook up some s'mores for dessert.

Take a road trip

Make a day of it and go on a road trip. Not sure where to go, pull out a map, close your eyes and point to a spot on the map...there's your destination.

However you choose to spend your time together, don't forget to enjoy the experience and each other. Little adventures like these have a way of bringing two people closer and fosters deeper conversations and insight into each other. Go out, have fun, and "love the one you're with".

I would love to hear from you. What are some of your favorite dates you've had?