I Apologize...


It’s been a while and I apologize for leaving you high and dry wondering what happened. I could offer up all the excuses, but I know you’re not interested in those. You deserve better than a list of excuses.

Brad & Julianne-1136.jpg

You deserve an explanation though, so here it goes. In the past few months I have taken a step back to revisit my purpose and evaluate the content I have provided you so far. Although the content has been decent, I feel it has room for improvement. Instead of being all over the board talking about everything wedding, I have refocused  to bring you content that is specific to wedding photography. Yes I might throw in some content that may not be photography related to keep things fresh, but I am here to answer your questions about wedding photography, approach different wedding aspects from a photography view point, and provide you with tips to make your wedding as picturesque as it can be.

I’m hoping you’ll find the content here enjoyable and informative.  I look forward to hearing your questions and reading your comments.