The Role of Your Wedding Photographer and How it Affects You


Gone are the days of hiring a wedding photographer and not having any further conversation with them until they show up on your wedding day. Photographers these days are seeking to be more involved in the wedding planning to ensure that you have enough time for the wedding images you want.

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Wedding photographers are not wanting to take the place of your wedding planner, but instead they want to be involved in the conversation especially when it comes to your timeline. Your wedding photographer has a better understanding on how much time it will take to get photos of you and the wedding party, you and your fiancé, and we can’t forget the family photos. It may seem like an hour is sufficient, but in reality, you may need more.


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It’s inevitable, things run late and your photographer can help you create a timeline that allows enough buffer, so your day is less stressful. This also provides a more relaxing mindset for your photo sessions giving you the opportunity to just be in the moment.


Including your wedding photographer in your wedding plans sets the stage for a a less stressful day at least when it comes to the photos.