Guesterly...Introducing the VIPs of Your Wedding Day


Are you looking for a way to make your wedding day programs different and unique to you? Want a way to feature those who have been with you through the long haul and have impacted you as individuals and as a couple? Why not present them like the stars they are and give your guests a bit of background information about who is standing up at the alter with you as you say your vows.

McMahan Wedding-7805.jpg just might be the solution for you. From their website you can create questions to ask the various people you want to feature, add their picture, their social media handles, etc and print the information out into a simple flip book for your guests to keep. 

Pricing is pretty reasonable and the flip books can have as many pages as you like. They even offer an online flip book for the more environmentally conscious bride. Your guests are able to log into a password protected personal URL and read about the members of your bridal party, parents, grandparents, etc.

You can also use the tool to give your guests background information on your vendors if they are important players/contributors in your life. For example, if your officiant was a childhood pastor, or if your DJ was your roommate in college.

This tool could be an option for making your wedding programs a little more memorable and taking your wedding to the next level.


Groomsmen Gift Ideas


When creating your wedding budget don’t forget to budget some money for gifts for your best guys and ladies. Here are a few gift ideas for the groomsmen.

Think experience

Instead of giving a material gift, think of gifting an experience. Is he into action and adventure, or traveling? Check out experiences at and gift him the experience of flying a helicopter, golf lessons with a PGA pro, or a paintball game.

Sports Car experience

How about gifting the best guys win the wedding with the experience of driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini with What guy doesn't like getting behind the wheel of a fast beauty?

Personalized shavers

Are you looking for something more practical? How about a personalized shaver from Backyard Sawdust on

The flask has a lot of gift ideas for every guy in your wedding party. Check out their customized flasks, poker sets and grilling sets.

These guys have been by your main and are standing with you as a couple on the most important day of your life. Show them some love with a gift of thanks for being such an important part of his life and your's.


The Wedding Registry for When You Already Have Everything


More couples these days have been living together or are combining two households leaving them with no lack of household goods, so when it comes to the wedding registry they're getting more creative. Instead of the typical registry of years past, with dishes and household goods, couples are doing honeymoon registries and even wine registries. Here are 3 wedding registries to consider if you both already have everything you need.

  1. Honeymoon Registry
    Couples are looking to Honeymoon Registries like Wanderable and Honeymoon Wishes, to help pay for different honeymoon excursions. Honeymoon registries are a fun way to get your family and friends involved in planning your honeymoon. The pictures you take from your honeymoon, doing the things that your friends and family have helped pay for, you could put into the thank you notes. This helps bring things full circle for them and lets them know that they contributed to the honeymoon fun.

  2. Down payment for your home
    This one is a little hard for me to grasp, I personally would not feel right about asking wedding guests to give me money to buy a home, but some couples see this as alternative to the traditional wedding registry. Some couples are thinking more practical and seeking the help of family and friends to come up with a down payment for their first home together. Sites like Honey Fund help couples save up for the downpayment for their new home. The fund allows friends and family to contribute funds to their account that the couple can then put down on their first home.

  3. Charity Registry
    For the giving and charitable couples the charity registries like allow family and friends to donate money to the charities the couple holds dear. This is a great option for the couple that has everything and just wants to give to those who are less fortunate or to fund a cause they hold near and dear to their hearts.

I'm curious to hear from you. What do you think of these unique wedding registries? What does your wedding registry include? Leave your comment below.


4 Must Haves for a Successful Wedding Cocktail Reception


The cocktail reception should create a social atmosphere, encouraging your guests to mingle amongst themselves and keep themselves occupied while you're busy taking pictures after the ceremony. The last thing you want is your guests to get bored and start interrupting your portrait session, or worse yet leaving. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind while planning your cocktail hour.

  1. Good selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
    You want to not only cater to your alcohol drinking guests, but also your non-alcohol drinking guests. Have a good selection of both. Maybe consider working with your bartender on creating a signature drink. Consider creating a virgin signature drink as well. The more creative you get with this the better. If you have a drink that tells a story about your relationship even better.

    A friend of mine for her wedding chose the Mei Tai as her signature drink because her and her husband had met each other in Hawaii. Choosing a drink that tells something about your story as a couple gives your guests a little glimpse into who you guys are as a couple.

  2. Delicious appetizers
    Everyone loves food, so make sure you have a good selection of delicious appetizers. Your guests will be getting hungry by this time and food always fosters conversation. There's something about eating and enjoying people's company, they just go hand in hand.

  3. Live Music
    As opposed to just having music playing in the background, live music gives people something to do. You'll have a few people get up and dance, you'll have those that are just entertained by sitting at their table watching the band and tapping their toes, and you'll have those guest that just enjoy the background music while they catch up with old friends or meet new ones.

  4. Photobooth
    Photobooths are really popular. They not only provide entertainment for your guests, but it creates great memories for them and for you if you chose to have your guests create a scrapbook from their photos for you. Most photobooths allow your guests to post their photobooth pictures straight to their social media which allows those that maybe couldn't make it to your wedding to still participate in it.

These are just a few essentials to consider when planning a successful wedding cocktail hour. These ideas will keep your guests happy and entertained until you make your grand entrance. Think about ways to add your own personality and story into your cocktail hour to not only make it your own, but to get your guests acquainted with who you are as a couple.


Basic Invite: Invitations, Stationary, and More


We are proud to announce that we have partnered with to give our clients a special discount; and the ability to create beautifully designed invitations instantly online.

Basic Invite is a custom stationery company that has been in business since 2006, and offers a wide selection of completely customizable invitations and cards perfect to introduce all of life’s biggest moments.

download (1).gif

No Matter if you’re looking for the perfect save the date to tell your friends and family about the big news, or if you are just sending your annual Christmas card, Basic Invite lets you create a card that is as unique as you.

Why Basic Invite?

Hundreds of Colors

Basic Invite is one of the only companies online that allows you to change the color of each element on any one of their invitations giving you almost unlimited color options so you can create your own unique look and let your personality shine.

Free Printed Samples

Basic Invite offers a completely free customized sample of your invitation with your photos, colors, and text so you can see your exact card before you place your full order.

Love It Guarantee

Basic Invite is so confident that you will love your invitations, that they will reprint your invitations, or offer a refund, if you are not happy with your cards for any reason. This is all a part of their “Love It” guarantee.

Basic Invite offers hundreds of hand picked invitation designs to give customers the perfect starting point for any style or taste. Choose from a full line of customizable wedding invitations, graduation announcements, and baby stationery as well as holiday cards at


3 Ways to Reduce Wedding Dress Shopping Stress


It's been over two years since my wedding and looking back on it, the most fun I had was picking out my dress. Let's face it, us women want to look sexy, beautiful, and feel like a princess, or for some of you Queens, on our wedding day. In all of the joy and excitement of shopping for that perfect dress, there also comes stress. So what can you do to help reduce or eliminate some of that stress?

  1. Keep your entourage small.
    You're excited and you want all of your friends and mother and grandmother and aunts there to enjoy this moment with you, but with all these people, come their opinions. Although some of these opinions are very much welcomed, most are just going to stress you out even more. In fact some will probably keep you from purchasing the dress you fell in love with. So, keep your entourage small. Maybe invite your mom or someone who’s filled that mom role for you and just a couple friends who you know will go along for the fun of it and not stress you out with their opinions. It's even common for brides to do this adventure solo.

    I took my mom with me on my first wedding dress shopping trip. It was a nice time for mother daughter bonding. When I found “The Dress” I took another trip with really close friends, just 3 or 4, just to really get their thoughts on it. This decision, I think, really made the dress shopping stress free and a lot of fun.

  2. Do your research and know what you like and want.
    Browse magazines, Pinterest, wedding websites, etc. for dresses. Figure out the styles you like. Knowing what you like and having pictures ready going into the boutiques, will help the dress consultants determine your style and be able to identify dresses quickly for you.

    I walked into the first dress boutique with a particular dress I was interested in, only to find out that they no longer carried the dress. The consultant asked me what I was looking for in my wedding dress and I was able to show her some pictures of various dresses I liked. After looking at the pictures she told me she had the perfect dress in mind. When I got to the dressing room and saw what dress she picked out I recognized it as one that I saw on the rack, but didn't pick up because the open back. It turned out to be my favorite dress and the one I decided on. Which leads me to the third stress free dress shopping tip....

  3. Keep an open mind and be flexible. The dress does not always have the same look on you as it does on the rack.
    Be open to trying on different styles and cuts. It doesn't cost anything to try the dress on. In fact one you think may not look good on you, might be the one you fall in love with.

The dress shopping experience should be a fun time. Embrace the moment and the experience and stay true to who you are and what you envision you will look like on your wedding day. Don’t allow other opinions to keep you from selecting that perfect dress that makes you feel like the princess you are. Happy shopping.