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The Wedding Registry for When You Already Have Everything


More couples these days have been living together or are combining two households leaving them with no lack of household goods, so when it comes to the wedding registry they're getting more creative. Instead of the typical registry of years past, with dishes and household goods, couples are doing honeymoon registries and even wine registries. Here are 3 wedding registries to consider if you both already have everything you need.

  1. Honeymoon Registry
    Couples are looking to Honeymoon Registries like Wanderable and Honeymoon Wishes, to help pay for different honeymoon excursions. Honeymoon registries are a fun way to get your family and friends involved in planning your honeymoon. The pictures you take from your honeymoon, doing the things that your friends and family have helped pay for, you could put into the thank you notes. This helps bring things full circle for them and lets them know that they contributed to the honeymoon fun.

  2. Down payment for your home
    This one is a little hard for me to grasp, I personally would not feel right about asking wedding guests to give me money to buy a home, but some couples see this as alternative to the traditional wedding registry. Some couples are thinking more practical and seeking the help of family and friends to come up with a down payment for their first home together. Sites like Honey Fund help couples save up for the downpayment for their new home. The fund allows friends and family to contribute funds to their account that the couple can then put down on their first home.

  3. Charity Registry
    For the giving and charitable couples the charity registries like allow family and friends to donate money to the charities the couple holds dear. This is a great option for the couple that has everything and just wants to give to those who are less fortunate or to fund a cause they hold near and dear to their hearts.

I'm curious to hear from you. What do you think of these unique wedding registries? What does your wedding registry include? Leave your comment below.